Generating Sales with DMs

The strategy to generate sales and grow a brand with chatbots can also be done manually. The following setup can be used with the Flashfunnel bot platform.

The goal is two fold, when we try get a sale via traditional methods like ads, generally in eCommerce your customers will be one time and one sale. Unless you’re an established brand or Amazon. So the long term goal is to create a brand based on the niche you are in and try get more sales for your marketing efforts. 

How I’ve been achieving this is by reaching out to as many people in my niche as possible asking them if they would be interested in becomming an ambassador for my brand for an incentive.

Generally I show them products I know they will want and get them interested, then offer them a large discount if they want to buy it under the condition they will to promote it to their followers. Even if they just take the discount and dont promote it you have still made a profit.

This means that not only do you get a direct sale from them, they might also give you free marketing that can result in serveral more sales. We are able to do this as our margins are so high from using Oberlo and Aliexpress.

So if my niche is selling chakra bracelets and healing crystal bracelets for example I search for the hashtag on instagram #crystalhealing and search through the people who used that hashtag. Make sure that it’s a person that is not selling something themselves which happens a lot on IG.

Then comment varients of this on their picture.

“Hey, I’ve loved your last few pics, you seem to have a real positive energy and I love your creativity! I’d love to have a quick chat with you about being an ambassador for our brand, I think you’d be perfect, send me a quick message if you might be interested and I can tell you more.”

Now we do a variant of this, just changing a word or two in each and post it on about 20-30 accounts up to 3 times a day. Say something personal, with the bot you can use some cold reading if you know your demographic. Not everybody is going to be a winner, it’s a numbers game.

Later in the day come back and check your private messages. You should have a few people contacting you for more info on how they can get involved. (at least a 10% conversion rate is expected, if not then alter your comments)

1st User Message 

Hey “User Name” thanks for the message! This is Laura (or whatever name you want), How are you today?

NOTE: We use their first name so they know (think) we are a real person and not a marketing bot, when using the bot you can enter code in that will automatically insert their name. As we are doing this manually first you can just add it yourself.

2nd User Message. (They usually say something like “Great thanks, how are you?”)

Awesome,  We’re so glad you reached out to us, I assume you love crystals as much as us! We’d love to collaborate with you. Have you heard of our brand X before?

NOTE: Here we make it seem like they have reached out to us, this helps us get off the back foot and try connect by mentioning that you think they like the niche as much as you. 

3rd User Message. (They will say something like “No I’ve never heard of “your_brand” before”)

I’ll tell you a little about us! We’re a small team that launched back in 2018. Our mission has been to spread the word about the power, uniqueness and beauty of using crystals in daily life around the world as much as possible! 

NOTE: This is a statement and we don’t push to keep the dialogue going, this makes the whole conversation seem more natural instead of a hard sell.

4th User Message 

We are looking for supporters and people to collaborate with. Take a look at our website and let me know what your favorite item is!

NOTE: The objective here is to get them looking at your site. Once they see something they like they will come back and tell you what it is, you now have free traffic interested in your niche. They will be expecting some offer from you at this stage and if your products are good enough they will want to buy it. Next we give them incentives to close the sale.

User messages again.

Because we think your photos really represent our message, we would love to offer you an ambassador discount of 25% off the entire site. If you would like to tag us in photos using our products and spreading the cause, we would love to post you on our main IG @link_to_main_account and website and tag you at your account @their_profile

We will then be able to provide you with another code to share with your followers and friends. They will get 10% off our store through your link and you will get 15% commission for all sales made through your ambassador coupon. Sounds good?

NOTE: Here we offer them 25% off what we know they like already but let them know that the offer will apply to anything else they want to but too, this increases the average order value as they might buy a few things. I’ve had people by 4-5 items at once from this. 

The second part gives them an incentive to share it, if somebody uses their code you will give them 15% comission. This is how you can get an army of free affialiates and really scale your business into real profit. 

User messages again. (Either Sounds Great or No Thanks)

I have just made the code “COUPONCODE” and you can enter it at the checkout for 25% off your entire order for anything you like on our store and free shipping worldwide! It is active for 24 hours (Another link to your store)

NOTE: Free worldwide shipping helps, also it’s important to mention that the code will expire after 24 hours (although it doesnt have to) This adds some urgency to ensure they order now and don’t decide to think about it, and then ultimatly forget all about it. The coupon code can be made on the Shopify dashboard.


Again these instructions are how to set up manually, once you get access to the automation software again I will update this article with a video on how to add your comments, hashtags, and dialogues to the bot service using the Instagram accounts you should have set up by now.

I would suggest if you have your store and Instagrams set up that you get your hustle on and start trying this out manually to see just how effective it can be and make a few sales! Then when you’re ready to automate it you will be making sales in your sleep!