What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a free dropshipping app for Shopify, Oberlo lets you instantly import products from Aliexpress into your store. Then through the Oberlo app you can in one click have the suppliers ship them direct to the customer! It takes less than 5 minutes to setup. We use this as part of our no risk retail arbitrage strategy laid out in our Retail arbitrage and Dropshipping Australia guide

How does Oberlo in Australia work?

By the end of this Oberlo review, you’ll have both the knowledge and confidence to start a dropshipping business with Oberlo.

Dropshipping has changed hugely over the past 10 years, in 2019 it’s still a very lucrative market for internet entrepreneurs. Over the years companies have been innovating to lower barriers to entry.

Now, there are so many free resources available that a 16 year old kid can make  6 figure business from his bedroom with little to no money.

Having Aliexpress to order direct from manufactures has been the key for sellers world wide. In the past though you needed to do a lot of product research and have your store or Amazon affiliate account all set up to receive a large order.

This meant that you usually had to order 100+ units of whatever you thought might sell and get it shipped. Then hope you can sell it!

Two problems with this, you need to now the product will sell to make your money back and second, you needed money in the first place.

This brings us nicely to the With dropshipping with a new innovative company called Oberlo.

Oberlo take all the risk and concern out of dropshipping in 2019. They simplify things even more. Basically they are an app that plug into Shopify. Once you have it installed, your store is connected directed to Aliexpress through their software.

This means that through your Shopify store you can now import individual products into your online storefront instantly via Oberlo. Then if and when your customer clicks and buys the product the order of that 1 single unit is placed with the manufacturer and ship it direct to that customer that ordered. The manufacturer fulfils orders by shipping the products, so you don’t have to deal with stock.

They also know through a message sent via the Oberlo app that you are dropshipping so they keep their own labels out of the customers package.

You will of course have a very nice markup and profit on the product!

The problem in the past with this method was that shipping would be so expensive that it would kill all your profits.

However, now with innovations in worldwide shipping from China in the form of ePacket we ship single items from China all over the world for less than $3 in most cases. Delivery times are probably one of the biggest concerns. Usually products take between 7-15 days to be delivered.

This is not as bad as it sounds as it’s much better than the alternative of the old method, buying 100+ of the same item and watch it go dusty in your bedroom

Now you can pick a niche you’re interested in, wooden watches for example, and set up a quick website via Shopify and import 15 different watches into your store in an hour and have a whole collection ready to sell risk free.

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s literally that easy. This obviously means that it will be saturated in some niches. If you want to make real money it’s very possible, the key is to pick the right niche. Worst case scenario you try one and find that its saturated, you simply buy a new website name for less than $15 ad start again with all the lessons you learned. Much better than spending $1000’s on stock and finding out later you can’t sell it!

How to install and sign up to Oberlo?

The easiest way to get started with Oberlo is to add the app in through your Shopify account. Check out the Dropshipping Australia guide to find out how to install and import oberlo products in less that 5 minutes.

How to Import products with the Oberlo Chrome Extension.

To add products direct to your Shopify store you can also used the Oberlo Chrome Extension (OCE) here. Add it to your Chrome browser, and you’re good to go.

When you are browsing Aliexpress you can click on the add on in your chrome top bar and add it to your Oberlo import list, then add it straight to your Shopify store.

How to fulfil orders with Oberlo

When a customer places an order through your site it will show up on your Oberlo dashboard. You can access this through your Shopify store backend. You will see an orange button “Order products”

When you click on the button, Oberlo will open Aliexpress and fill in your log in details automatically. Then it will add the product to the cart, fill in the customers address for delivery and add a note for the supplier so that they know you are dropshipping so they don’t put their own branding or promotions into the package.

Oberlo does all this automatically once you click the “Order now” button. A day or so late when the product is shipped you can then click the button again and it will import the tracking code into Oberlo so you can send it to your customer.

Oberlo Pricing | Is Oberlo Free?

Oberlo pricing is simple enough. In most cases the free option is perfectly fine, but they have paid plans with some bells and whistles if your store really takes off. There is a great hack though if you upgrade to a paid plan, and I hate using the term hack as much as I’m sure you hate hearing it, but this is a goodie! if you start selling lots of products you can upgrade and they will allow you to add an affiliate code for Aliexpress, this means you get cash back on all orders that you make. If you but $1000 of goods for example on Aliexpress you can get say 7% back.

This helps add to your overall profits. It’s out of the scope of this Oberlo review but I’ll make a post about it if anybody is interested, or jump in the Facebook group and ask. Again, this is only if you start selling a lot, until this happens just stick to their free plan.

Oberlo Support Review

Oberlo customer support does not offer live chat or phone support, but there are plenty of ways to get answers to your questions. 

Oberlo Help Center – Basically a nice FAQ. You can search help.oberlo.com and find answers to a lot of questions. They also have clear video explanations for a lot of their stuff

Email – You can get them at hello@oberlo.com the response time is fairly good even for the free version. You should have an answer within 24 hours.

Ask.Oberlo is a forum when you can talk about dropshipping trends, tips and ask for help about anything to do with dropshipping and eCommerce. 

Oberlo Australia & Dropshipping | Can you use it?

Yes, you will just need a Shopify store to install the app, if you’re shipping products to Australia you will likely use a different mail service than ePacket for the US. The important thing when dropshipping to Australia is that you select a supplier with tracking.